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Travelling around the world is the dream of many people, but only a few can make that dream come true. With this website we intend to, not only show our journey through pictures and reports from our experiences, but also help other people planning their own trip, so they can realize that making this dream come true is a lot easier than they think.


About the


Sara Teixeira

“You are made of completely impossible things to coexist in the same person.” This was the most accurate description made of myself. Therefore I am a possible impossibility, what makes me just a strange human being.
The motivations that led me to decide to make a trip around the world can be summarized basically to a need for personal growth, for learning, for searching who I am as a person, to see more, be more … I felt I had reached a time in my life  of “now or never” and I could not forgive myself if I only stayed with the desire to do it.
I am a fashion designer, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Porto, Portugal.

Eduardo Rodrigues

I come from Barcelos, Portugal, I’m 27 years old and I’m a graphic designer and co-founder of the studio Another Collective, as well as an enthusiast for photography and typography.
The idea of the trip comes from a strong desire of discovering me and inner growth, getting to know new cultures and habits, needing for that a challenge to break the daily routine and to put me to test. The passion for nature and for a lifestyle self-sufficient and less consumerist made me more curious, observer, self-taught and at the same time, perfectionist and demanding leading me to see the dichotomy between life in big cities and nature as the perfect travel concept.