First Step – Making the decision


First Step – Making the decision

The idea of ​​traveling around the world can be incredibly exciting and yet absolutely terrifying, if on one hand it seems incredible to go into an adventure, on the other seems that we are, somehow, dropping everything to give in to a capricious desire.

For us it was important realize that giving life to a dream can never be considered a capricious desire, our essence is in our dreams and it is important, for our sanity, to accomplish them or at least know that we tried.

Actually none of us had to drop everything to travel, we just postpone other personal and professional accomplishments, always believing that there are no wrong decisions, only decisions that seem right at some point in our lives.

And if there are errors it’s not because at the time they were but because we grew up with the decisions we make and we realize throughout life to balance the rational and the emotional.

For us this was the right time to make this decision for a number of rational reasons that we could quickly enumerate, but the real fuel of a decision like these is the emotional, the great desire that we have to put the bag on our backs and leave into the unknown with the assurance that when we return there will be no regrets and what is ours will continue on this side waiting for us.

Sara Teixeira